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CP1 Center of Pressure Calculator - Version 2

CP1 Does a Simple Center of Pressure Estimate for Your Rocket

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CP1 User Interface

CP1 is a simple way to get the static and dynamic center of pressure for your rocket. Just enter the numbers on the drawing of your rocket, press calculate and the center of pressure distances are shown. The static center of pressure location represents the rocket's center of pressure when the air flow is 90 degrees to the rocket body. The dynamic center of pressure is the rocket's center of pressure when the air flow is parallel to the rocket body and the rocket is travelling at least 40 feet per second, but less than sonic speeds. You have your choice of nosecone contours to pick from.

For more complicated rocket geometries or for speeds that are supersonic, use the included Freeware programs to calculate drag coefficients and center of pressure as a function of velocity.

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