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CHEM Version 3 Propellant
Thermochemistry Software

Calculates Performance For Most
Solid, Hybrid or Liquid Propellant Formulations

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CHEM Version 3 User Interface

CHEM runs a variation of the Naval Surface Weapons Laboratory's Propellant Evaluation Program (PEP) in the background to calculate critical propellant properties such as density, specific impulse, characteristic velocity (C-star), combustion temperature for most solid, hybrid and liquid propellant combinations. You can try various chemical formulas on your computer and optimize it for your application. The output parameters are used in FPRED, which permits you to design your own solid rocket motor.

CHEM is very simple to use. Simply select the chemicals you want in your propellant and the amount of each chemical. Then select a desired combustion chamber pressure and the exit cone pressure (usually sea level pressure) and hit the calculate button. In a few seconds, you will know performance parameters such as combustion temperature, specific impulse, c-star, propellant density and more. You can print out a quick look of these parameters or a more detailed output including the exhaust chemical species and their concentrations.

CHEM Version 3
The Software For Successfully
Formulating Rocket Propellants
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Chem - Propellant Thermochemistry ($9.95)
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Download The Latest
CHEM Version 3.0 Chemical Ingredients

Periodically, the list of chemicals available in CHEM is updated so you have more ingredients to use in your propellant formulations. The list of propellant ingredients for CHEM Version 3 is in the file "pepcoded2.daf". The list of chemical ID numbers and their chemical names are in the files "Idnum.txt". We will also be adding more chemical species and reactions (jannaf2.daf file) to make CHEM the most accurate propellant thermochemistry program available to the consumer. Future updates to these files will be free and available on this page.

updated.gif - 0.2 KMarch 13, 2007 - There are no updates for CHEM at this time.